Monday, September 17, 2012

Cairns to Bowen

Not much to report today.....we left Cairns at 8:15am bound for home....we stopped at Josephine Falls for morning tea but didn't go to have a look at is was a bit of a walk away. 

When we got to Townsville, we headed in to the city to go to Castle Hill Lookout; but when we got there we found that it wasn't suitable for trailers, so we turned around and continued our journey south stopping at Bowling Green National Park where we had lunch.  I was unpacking the lunch supplies and on my second trip back to the picnic table I had to run after a bush turkey that pinched the bag of lettuce off the table!!  Cheeky Turkey!!

After lunch we headed off and ended up stopping at our planned stop of Bowen.  On the way, we witnessed a near head-on between a 4WD ute and a car on the highway.  We are pretty sure the guy in the ute was either answering his mobile phone or texting - he veered over to the other side of the road, realising at the last minute what he was doing and corrected himself - I think we all had our hearts in our mouths at the same time.  He pulled up straight away; not sure whether it was to attend to his mobile in a more safe manner or to change his undies!!  It could have been a horrible outcome!!  Not something we want to remember from our holiday.

We are at the Big 4 caravan at park at Bowen right on beachfront - a little windy and cool but it should be good sleeping weather.

No photos today but I hope to take a few of the beach before we leave in the morning.  Not quite sure where we will end up tomorrow at this stage.

TFL, Ann & Dennis (Mum & Dad) xx

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