Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 5 - Shopping Day and touring around

We decided to have a bit of a lazy day today walking around our local area which takes in Chinatown and Tanjong Pagar.  There is a lot of refurbishment going on in the area and we were quite amused at the workplace health & safety measures that are taken here:-

Timber poles used for scaffolding!!
Tanjong Pagar seems to be undergoing some refurbishment with repainting of buildings, shops being modernised....Our hotel is on the RHS of this photo behind the middle building....

Chinatown.....shops everywhere...lots of vendors competing for your business, particularly the tailors wanting to make shirts and suits for the guys.....

Stopping off for a refreshing drink at a popular restaurant/bar in Chinatown.....

Trying a Shirley Temple drink.....

 I decided to get a Henna Tattoo - freehand drawn within a couple of minutes.... then I went and had a foot massage with a local vendor - took me upstairs three levels where I walked in to a parlour that had lots of chairs and massage tables there - I had a reflexology massage for 1/2 hour for $18 - I needed it after all the walking we have done.


We decided to go to a local Food Court, Maxwells, just across the road from Chinatown on the way to Tanjong Pagar and our hotel.  For $4 we had an amazing meal and a 630ml bottle of Tiger Beer was $6!!  Wine is too expensive here so I had to settle for a lemonade.
Lots of food stalls that didn't look like you should touch some of them, but they are rated and we have had some fantastic meals at these places....they are called Hawker Food Centres and you get the odd hawker coming around wanting to sell you anything from tissues to wallets.


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