Monday, August 26, 2013

Day 6 - Jurong Bird Park, Newtons Circus

Another train and bus ride to Jurong East to the Bird Park. They have  wonderful collection of birdlife there - however the enclosure were nothing like the Zoo.....we were expecting large aviaries with a variety of birds in them but they were put into individual aviaries according to the type of bird that they were which was good on one hand, but we felt quite sorry for the owls as they were in small dark rooms - probably a bit smaller than a double garage.

The shows were quite good and very interactive with the audience.


Birds of Prey Show
For dinner, we decided to go to Newton's Circus which we had heard so much about. OMG!!  Someone could have warned us about how much we were going to be approached by vendors trying to get us to buy their food!!  We had no longer taken one step into the Food Court and we were pounced on by a food vendor.  Newton's Circus is mainly a seafood hawker centre and due to pricing is VERY competitive.  The food is sold by the 100g and all of the vendors would weigh a crab or prawns for us and tell us the price.  The prawns were huge....we have never seen them so large!!  We tried to walk around the whole venue to see what was available....mostly the same at each stall but we were accosted by each vendor trying to tell us why their food and service was better than anyone elses.  It was quite frustrating to be honest and in the end we went to a vendor who had approached us previously who found a table for us and organised drinks.

We ended up paying S$68 for prawns, garlic & ginger crab, veges, and satay sticks.  Great value compared to home and we had certainly worked up an appetite walking around dealing with the vendors.  It was another great experience!!

On the down hill run with the holiday and heading out to Sentosa Island tomorrow.

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